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Anton Yurash

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

About: Manager, python programmer,

Current job: CEO, Founder Momentum bots

Anton Yurash

My writing skills in English aren't so great, so you may find some mistakes in this text. But I have good speaking skills, haha (having spent a lot of time playing an online computer game CS:GO, I improved my speaking skills so much, thx Gaben).

My name is Anton Yurash, born in Kiev. My childhood was spent in Kiev, where I finished Polytechnical lyceum KPI and entered university. It was in the 9th form of the lyceum, when, thanks to my teacher of informatics Yaroslav Kirichkov, I realized that IT-technologies and programming is a perspective field for me, where I can have a good profit, without working. (‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’ Confucius). So I'm walking along IT road till now, following my dream.

My professional interests are programming (in the main crossplatform apps or client-server), management, and a liitle SMM.

Playing hockey is my favorite hobby! Besides I am good at playing football, table tennis, volleyball etc. I also have good skills and achievements in an online game CS:GO (rank "LEM", while writing this). If to say a few words about my music preferences, than, mostly I listen to Rap and EDM (electronic dance music like house, dubstep, d'n'b, etc).

This is a little background information about myself. I wish it could help you to know me better.

Programming and other pc skills.

Flask, Django(base), aiohttp(base), pytg, pyQt5, telebot/pyTelegramBotApi, bs4, vk, threading, selenium, etc.
Cocos2d-x, Qt(base).
Base front-end skills, experience with bootstrap4.
Base winform, experience.
Base angular.
Experience with debian, kali, ubuntu, mint, centOS, rhel. Base knowlege of bash.
Other skills: Kotlin, nginx, Pascal/Delphy, ObjC (base), windows shell/dos, microsoft office, mogodb, redis.

Путь самоучки: pet-проекты и подводные камни самостоятельного изучения IT

(Антон Юраш и электрификация)

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